I am weR [wi:ar].

A multifunctional, automatic joint roller for medical and recreational use. I am the first smart device designed to produce customizable cannabis joints, or multi- ingredients- cigarettes.

I am prime.

I am vision.

I am the first of my kind.

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Planned Features


The joint (cannabis cigarette) can be rolled in coned or straight shape.


Choose your desired length from 70 up to 115 millimeters.

Mixing Ratio

Create mixtures of up to 3 sorts of cannabis / herbs / tobacco at the same time.


Your next custom joint (cannabis cigarette) is just a few touches away.

weR App

Control your weR device from the palm of your hand. Download, rate and share recipes within the weR community.

Voice Control

Enjoy your weR device by simply talking to it via voice assistants.
  • weR front

  • weR diagonal

  • weR side

Our Vision

As an inspiration for weR we see that the full potential and benefits of cannabis as a useful consumer good can be integrated into our societies and can be continually developed as an approach to medical therapies. weR is designed as an automatic cannabis rolling device to meet the needs of recreational users as well as to ensure accessibility for chronically ill or physically challenged users for medical purpose.

See my beauty. Witness my elegance. Unleash my power.

Our Mission

With our ability for technological innovation and advanced engineering we aim to facilitate cannabis use and enable consumers worldwide to use an automated cannabis rolling device and joint dispenser, whether for recreational or medical use.

To fulfill our mission we will seamlessly combine engineering, R&D and commercial activities into a new type of symbiosis that has never existed on the market before.

Project Timeline

  • June 2017 The idea is born!

    Brainstorming and discovery phase --> outlines of the project

  • July 2017 Start of a general market research

    Evaluation of the global arena in the field of cannabis consumption and its medical purposes.

  • August 2017 Concept development of weR begins

    The first automated joint roller is born. She's not pretty, but we love her.
  • August - December 2017 Design and creation of prototype functions and module groups

    The entire development was divided into several assemblies which execute certain functions. Focus was on incremental development to get individual function groups up and running.

  • December 2017 - Febuary 2018 Core development

    Implementation of individual function modules within the construction.

    Begin development of the far reaching business model.

  • Febuary 2018 - May 2018 Adaptations and improvements

    Production and test series with the prototype. Adaptation and improvements in design.

  • March 2018 The CANNABISTS Medical Group Ltd. is born!

    Cannabists Medical Group Ltd. got registered in Malta.

  • May 2018 Production of first Prototype

    Integration of all single designs to a functional concept. Production of the first prototypes from the design freeze model assembly group.

    Improvements and adaptation of individual weak points.

    Registration and filing of various patents.

  • June 2018 weR is alive

    Completion of the first working prototype.

    Setting up and structuring the core team. Definition of the business concept. Adaptation of blockchain functionalities. Establishment of the marketing campaign for the first crowdfunding on Indiegogo Platform.

  • August 2018 weR goes public

    Say hello to the first automatic cannabis rolling device...weR is unveiled for the first time and shows its face to the world!

  • August 2018 Development for weR DIY Kit

    Begin development of the 0-series prototype weR DIY Kit, and the 0-series of the weR series production model, by integrating the know-how from the initial prototype development.

    Begin development of the electronic components and control unit.

  • October 2018 Cannabists Platform / First Step into the Lab

    Open the Cannabists Web Platform to the community. Integrate community opinions and suggestions into the development of the weR Kit. Inclusion of the community in the weR Lab, for registered beta testers and early supporters.

  • November - December 2018 weR DIY Kit goes for Beta and 3D Printing

    Deliver first data and equipment to beta testers for the weR Kit. Open weR Kit development portal to beta testers, including access to the Printing Server and the knowledge base. Release 3d Print design data under creative common license for early supporters.

    Network development for licensees and producers.

  • January - Febuary 2019 Inspect, Adapt, Improve

    User experience research and analysis to further identify and adapt weak points, or areas of improvements

  • Febuary 2019 Release for Production

    Release of production to printing partners and assemblers for weR DIY Kits.

  • Q2 / 2019 Beta for fully assembled version of weR

    The fully assembled version for beta testing is going to be up in Q2 / 2019.

  • Q3 / 2019 weR ready to Market

    Estimated delivery date of the first weR models and devices out the series-production for automated rolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is weR?

weR is the first automatic processing smart device for producing customized joints and multi-ingriedients-cigarettes in the world.

Following parameters can be customized:

  • coned or straight shape
  • length
  • mixing ratio
  • mixture distribution

The home version can create mixtures of up to 3 sorts of cannabis / herbs / tobacco at the same time.

Is weR unique?

As far as we know there is no other automatic joint builder technology and hardware of this kind in the world. We are happy to say that patents are pending.

What was the reason for keeping such a secret about weR in the last few weeks?

Our legal team has explicitly advised us not to publish before we have applied for all our property rights. For this reason we have decided to inform a few interested parties with small preliminary information in an exciting way.

Is weR just an idea or concept?

No, there already is a working prototype and one of our main goals of this project is to make weR available for everyone.

Where can I buy a weR?

We are sorry, at the moment there is no possibility for purchasing the joint builder device, weR. We are working on the development and will be able to serve you soon.

When is weR going to be available for me?

There is going to be a weR DIY Kit for beta-testing by December 2018. The fully assembled version for beta testing is going to be up in the Q2/2019.

Do I need special skills for working on a weR DIY Kit?

About 85% of the weR parts are engineered to be reproducible with 3D printers.

The automatic joint roller is designed for simple manufacturing and assembling. The additional required components like motors, electronic controller board etc. are going to be delivered enclosed in the standard weR DIY Kit.

Do I need to have a 3D Printer to assemble the weR DIY Kit?

No, it is not mandatory to have a 3D printer. All printable DIY components can be ordered as a bundle from our licenced 3D printing service partners.

What do I have to do, to become a beta-tester?

The amount of beta tester seats is limited.

To get a seat you need to subscribe on our website and apply for it or back us up in our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Are the testers involved in the development the whole time?

Everyone, who is interested and who wants to participate, can join the development activities. There is going to be a communication platform which is called “Lab”. The Lab will open to the public after the completion of the Crowdfunding Campaign in October 2018.

Where will the crowdfunding campaign take place?

We will be running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform, starting soon. There will be served different perks for backers.

The crowdfunding will be running in order to generate working capital to realize the market entry and final development steps. The goal is to develop an economical smart device and to provide it to the general audience of cannabis consumers worldwide.

What´s the price of a weR?

Currently there are no exact price indications yet.

Please wait for the start of the crowdfunding campaign. Prices will be published then.

Who (else) is buying a weR?

weR is created for any kind of user and can be used either for recreational or medical purposes. The only thing you need to know: the minimum age for purchasing a weR is 18 years.

Can anyone operate the weR?

weR is designed to meet the needs of recreational users as well as to ensure accessibility for chronically ill or physically challenged users for medical purpose.

It is planned to operate the automatic joint roller either via a touch panel, a mobile app or by voice assistants.

Is there a special version of weR for regions where usage is approved only for medical use?

weR can identify and approve medical prescriptions and operate in countries where Cannabis is only approved for medical use.

What is the best way to get in touch with you to participate in one of the activities or become a partner?

Please subscribe on our website. We will get in contact with you as soon as we receive your application.

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