Roll it
a pro

The world´s first all in one device
that lets you store, prepare, cone and mill your favourite herbs.

The new way
to roll your cone


herby is all-new and remarkable
milling and cone roller for
a perfectly rolled joint.

and roll it
like a hero


all-in-one device that makes rolling
and enjoying your perfect joint nice and easy

herby ROLLER is the perfect all-in-one solution to help you roll your perfectly shaped cone joint or blunt whenever.
Wind won’t be an issue, and girls won’t have to struggle with their long fingernails.

While still being comfortably sized, herby features and built-in grinder, a storage space for your papers & tips as well as an additional storage space for your weed.

How to roll with a herby

The weR™ herby joint rolling machine is a German-engineered all-in-one device that enables you to prepare your perfect joint or blunt in under one minute.

Stop wasting your time juggling with a big tray of utensils and start rolling like a pro!

See how it works!

what is weR™ [wi:ar]?

What started as a small project has become so much more.
With German ingenuity and dedication under one hub, weR™ trying to bring forward a new generation of accessibility for innovations to support our lifestyle– weR™ here to change the game!

weR™ is more than innovative products…weR™ is more than a lifestyle…weR™ is a vision..weR™… The first of our kind!


Meet the guys

Get some impressions about who is doing all this. Meet the creative inventor Sayed and his partner Argun while they give you a small glimpse of who they are and what they do.



The weR™ ROLLER Vision

As inspiration for weR™ ROLLER we see the cannabis consumers demand for preparing easily their perfect joints. We want to meet the need of having a single device which contains papers, filters, herb, and a rolling device in one.

The weR™ ROLLER Mission

To create the world´s simplest, easiest-to-use cigarette and joint roller which creates perfect joints every time and is available for everyone.