I am weR [wi:ar].

A multifunctional, automatic joint roller for medical and recreational use. I am the first smart device designed to produce customizable cannabis joints, or multi- ingredients- cigarettes.

I am prime.

I am vision.

I am the first of my kind.

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Planned Features


The joint (cannabis cigarette) can be rolled in coned or straight shape.


Choose your desired length from 70 up to 115 millimeters.

Mixing Ratio

Create mixtures of up to 3 sorts of cannabis / herbs / tobacco at the same time.


Your next custom joint (cannabis cigarette) is just a few touches away.

weR App

Control your weR device from the palm of your hand. Download, rate and share recipes within the weR community.

Voice Control

Enjoy your weR device by simply talking to it via voice assistants.
  • weR™ front

  • weR™ diagonal

  • weR™ side

Our Vision

As an inspiration for weR we see that the full potential and benefits of cannabis as a useful consumer good can be integrated into our societies and can be continually developed as an approach to medical therapies. weR is designed as an automatic cannabis rolling device to meet the needs of recreational users as well as to ensure accessibility for chronically ill or physically challenged users for medical purpose.

See my beauty. Witness my elegance. Unleash my power.

Our Mission

With our ability for technological innovation and advanced engineering we aim to facilitate cannabis use and enable consumers worldwide to use an automated cannabis rolling device and joint dispenser, whether for recreational or medical use.

To fulfill our mission we will seamlessly combine engineering, R&D and commercial activities into a new type of symbiosis that has never existed on the market before.

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