Frequently asked questions

11. What is herby?

herby is the world´s first all-in-one- cone roller and herb grinder for regular paper or blunt joints!

herby helps you to roll a perfect cone, can store your paper, filters, herbs and helps you to fill your prepared cone or blunt with your fresh ground material, for your perfect cannabis experience.

Altogether, the herby is an ingenious device that’s made to last for years and will make rolling joints easier than ever before.

22. Where do I use my herby best?

You can build your joint, wherever you are and where ever you want.

No matter which circumstances you are facing the herby gives you the possibility for a convenient preparation. herby is designed for the usage in the house, on the beach, in the wood, on windy environments or even when wearing gloves for hiking or snowboarding.

33. Who else is using herby?

herby is designed for everyone! No matter if you are young or older, male or female. For this convenient way to roll it does not matter if you are rookie or pro- roller.

herby helps you to make your preparation easy and simple.

44. Is the current COVID-19 / Corona pandemic situation affecting the project and sales of herby?

Corona virus is pulling down many people worldwide and getting worse every day. We hope you all are doing well?!

All Cannabists team is moved to work in safe locations and weR still running things for you on track, but we decided to help other people. This reason for, our CEO started to work in the project, , to help with smart engineering against the issues of missing supply for very important medical devices and helping technologies, in the fight against the Corona Virus.

We decided to slow down the herby project a bit, for reason of humanity!

Our production for the all-in-one blunt-roller and herb grinder, herby, is running and herby is getting prepared for you to be available, in its latest version and best shape, very soon.

55. When is herby going to be sold and delivered?

Originally, we planned to start delivering herby by end of Q1/2020

Because of the current issue of COVID-19, the Corona pandemic situation, we are more taking care about our team, the families and all people around, we decided to slow down our project and help others.

herby is going to be available and shipped to you by Q3/2020.

66. How can I purchase/ order my herby?

We will be offering herby online.

Subscribe at our homepage and we will keep you posted about the news and serve helping instructions for you how to do. Subscribers will receive a special discount code at that time when starting the order period.

77. Do you ship internationally?

herby will be shipped worldwide. As long there is any of the well-known parcel services available, you will be able to receive your personal herby :-)

88. Is there any age restriction for the purchase of the herby?

To order herby you must be at least 21 years old.


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